Virtual photography services

When you need quality images of your product but you don’t have the physical sample to photograph, virtual photography is the best alternative.

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What is virtual photography?

Virtual photography is a great tool to sell a product you don’ t have samples of or that would be otherwise very difficult to photograph. The images generated can be used for product presentations, websites and printed marketing material such as catalogues.

We use the 3D modeling tools to generate a virtual model of your product to then apply materials, labels, colours and finishes. Once the model is set we can generate product renderings from multiple angles as well as product animations to explain how the product works or its features.

Virtual photos can be a cost effective tool to generate photos of your product and in some instances of lower cost than taking actual photos of a physical model, in particular when multiple shots of the same product are required.

For more information about our virtual photography services contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

There are multiple applications for virtual photography, some of which include:

Virtual photos for colour or material testing

Have you ever wondered how would you product look like in other colours or materials. Making samples of each would be very expensive but with virtual photography you can do this at a fraction of the cost.

Virtual photos for pre-order sales

Images are used to sell a product to investors, potential buyers or clients at exhibitions or public events. You can also use them to print the packaging artwork avoiding delays in preparing the product for production.

Superimposed virtual photos

Visualise the finished product in a real environment using an existing photo and superimposing the 3D render onto it.

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