Product video production

Product videos help improve brand recognition, website rankings and the perceived value of your products.

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Product animations

If you don’t have the physical product or it would be difficult to bring the sample to a video shooting location your best option is to generate a 3D model of the product to develop a video.

The video can be informative, highlighting the features of the product, how it is used or any particular detail you want your clients to know about. We can incorporate sound and voice to the video if you need to explain something in a more personal way.

The advantage of using a 3D model for your product animation is that you can view the product from multiple angles, open and close any elements of the product when available and even take virtual photos of the product for your catalogue or website.

The video can also be used to show the product in various colours and finishes as this is easily achieved once the 3D model and virtual set are generated.

Demo Video Production

We can help you develop the video you need to explain your product to your audience. Using a presenter to demonstrate the product promotes better engagement with your audience while giving you the flexibility to add character to the video that goes in line with your brand.

We can assist you with the development of the script and setup the environment where the video will be filmed for an estimated duration of the final product.

The videos we produce are delivered to you in high resolution format and smaller format for online services such as Youtube and Vimeo. We can even upload the video to your Youtube channel and help you create one if you don’t have it.

Contact us today to discuss the requirements of your video.

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“Our online presence has improved thanks to the use of the product videos, plus we don’t need to explain the product over the phone any more”

Patricia Rojas
Cute Co Pty Ltd