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We know how to make your property look great. We use professional equipment to make every space look enticing.

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Professional photography is an essential tool when it comes to presenting and selling your property. It can make a massive difference to attract potential buyers to your home and the conversion rate of your online listing.

Ask yourself if the photos you are using make it worth an inspection or whether the listing next to yours looks like a better option. When potential buyers are browsing through the property listings online, you only have a few seconds to grab their attention and the images are the best way to do it.

More than just a photo

Real estate photography involves more than just taking photos with a camera. A professional photographer doesn’t take photos of rooms, his aim is to capture and sell a lifestyle in a photo, a place where people can imagine themselves living, working, relaxing, cooking or enjoying.

These photos will be used on a range of marketing materials including the signboard, advertisements, flyers and brochures so it is worth the investment in a good real estate photographer.

Real estate photography pricing Sydney

Our real estate photography services start from $140 for 8 photos. We will present you with more images for you to choose from and if you like any of the photos we have taken you can purchase them for an additional $20 per image. This costs are for day sessions, if you need after hours photos to show your property at dusk or have any specific requirements pleas contact us for a quote

Your brief

We need to know what features you want to show or ignore before the day of the shooting. We will also need access to the property so make sure the property is available and presentable for the photo session.

Image retouching

Our aim is to present your property with the best lighting conditions and the perfect frame for every shot. Often times is necessary some post production work on the photos to adjust the lighting and other imperfections. We can even photo editing of digitally de-clutter or clean up messy home images electronically for an additional fee.

Facade detail of a house in Sydney at dusk - real estate photography

“The images look great, thanks for an intense day of photo shooting, will contact you later for another property we need photos of”

Joe Settineri
Sett homes