Concept development

After an analysis of your competitors, design trends and other information that has an impact on the success of your new product we can assist you developing the initial concepts.

Every concept is born from an idea and ideas need to be presented visually to communicate them to the project team. At Xpressions design we can help you translate your product idea into concept sketches that allows us to communicate our creative thinking and begin the brainstorming dialogue with our clients.

Hand made sketches

Our hands on experience in hand made sketches allows us to develop ideas on the go whether at project meetings with our clients, suppliers and design team alike. You can never sub estimate the power of pen and paper when it comes to developing new concept ideas.

Computer sketches

A more elaborated form of sketching involves the use of computer aided tools to create more realistic images using colours, textures, effects and an unlimited number of techniques to communicate our new concept. These sketches are ideal for product presentations to company shareholders and even the consumers.