Ice brick set design

A new set of ice bricks were developed for Willow Ware for their range of leisure ware products replacing the old design.

Style: This set was designed in 2006 and it is still appealing due to its simplicity and cleanliness. The design was based on a circular shape and makes use of coarse etching on the side panels to simulate a frosty – icy look when the product is cold.

Function: The new bottle design addresses the issue present in the old models where the cap could break easily if the product was dropped when frozen. The cap is now protected in the new design by the 2 shoulders on the side of the neck of the bottle.

Production: The design consists of simple shapes and optimum geometries for blow moulding process.

Environment: The parts are made of blow molded  recyclable HDPE with the corresponding recycling code marked on the product. In addition to this the new ice bricks are filled with rain water from the same roof of the manufacturing facilities in Melbourne instead of using tap water.

Project Scope

  • Concept development
  • 3D modelling
  • Engineering design
  • Prototyping
  • Production files