Affordable exhibition stands

Companies with large budgets use custom made stands that are expensive to make, install, transport and store. Although they might look great, often times this is not an option for small businesses that have a limited budget and staff to setup the stand itself.

Our stand design options include expo kits that can be custom made to suit your stand dimensions and budget. The kit may include pull up banners, large promo walls, spotlights, promotional tables and brochure holders.

Alternatively, lower cost solutions include the use of printed banners that can be attached to the stand walls by means of velcro strips. The banners can be printed individually for each wall panel or as a single unit for the entire wall. This solution is very cost effective and easy to install by 1 person. The banners can be printed in a variety of materials from fabric to durable synthetic substrates as well as folded and stored anywhere to be re-used at future exhibitions.

As part of the design service we will develop 3D visuals of your stand so you can make sure it looks the way you want it.

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