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Open Microsoft Word.


  • From the top menu select VIEW and in the drop down click on Header and Footer
Insert header in word
  • You should see a Header and Footer floating toolbar as well as a Header area on the document.
Insert header in word
  • With the cursor inside the header area go back to the top menu and select INSERT this time. From the drop down click on PICTURE and then click on FROM FILE.
Insert header in word
  • Locate the file (your logo image) and click INSERT.
  • You will see your logo inserted inside the header.
  • If you want to resize the image go to the top menu again, select FORMAT and click on PICTURE from the drop down menu.
  • From the lay out tab select the option : IN FRONT OF THE TEXT.
Insert header in word
  • If you place the cursor over the corners of the image it will change shape into a black arrow. When you see the arrow click and drag to the size you want the image to be.
  • You can also insert your contact details on the footer area by typing them in.
  • When you are finished, click on CLOSE to exit the Header/Footer menu.
  • You can edit the image (header) anytime by double clicking on the area where the logo is.
  • SAVE your file.


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